#IndyOfTheWeek No.14 = Mia Milla

July 25, 2018

#IndyOfTheWeek is The In A Box Project's way of celebrating independent music. We pick out indy artists that we love. Maybe because their music blows us away. It might just be because they're different. Either way, they will be worthy.


Mia Milla is a singer and songwriter from Brighton, UK, who makes soulful r&b music with a modern twist. Since June this year, Mia has released two new tracks in collaboration with Hookers Songs - also based in Brighton. The tracks represent a debut for both Mia and Hookers who have just launched their independent label. Both Mother and Breathe are exposing and honest records that highlight not only strength in songwriting but vocal prowess and control.



Mother is catchy, sweet and different, with a tender top line and soft production that compliments the dynamic feel. In respect to Breathe, it is not often you hear such a contemporary acapella, so accessible to a commercial market. This willingness to push boundaries and experiment with styles is exactly what the music industry needs to continue growing. We're certain Mia and also Hookers Songs have bright futures ahead of them.



Let us know what you think and don't forget to show your support to the artist. You can follow Mia Milla on social media by using the links below!






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