#IndyOfTheWeek No.12 = FYOHNA

May 30, 2018

#IndyOfTheWeek is The In A Box Project's way of celebrating independent music. Every week we will be picking out an indy artist that we love. It may be because their music blows us away. It might just be because they're different. Either way, they will be worthy.


LA has always been a breeding ground for great new pop music and the golden state has provided another fantastic #IndyOfTheWeek winner this week. FYOHNA, a singer & producer duo, use a novel blend of warm synthesizers and sequenced drum loops to create their sound. Taking influence from the expansiveness of trap, the complexity of west african rhythms and the moods of trip hop equally, their unconventional mix of organic and electronic instrumentation, pop melodies and melancholic harmonies ingrain a deep sweetness. 



It is also not so often that unique creativity in music is matched with such coherent graphic design. The tidy artworks accompanying FYOHNA's recent releases bring an assertion of quality that is both intriguing and captivating, making clear the importance of good visual design when producing and promoting a professional product. Another impressive aspect to FYOHNA's brand is the accessibility and effectiveness of their website, which is up to date, showcasing the latest content. It is clear to see why both management and a booking agent have taken interest, due to their coherent brand strategy and interesting live performance.



Let us know what you think and don't forget to show your support to the artist. You can follow FYOHNA on social media by using the links below!







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