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The Baddest

Original Mix

The Baddest is an up-tempo, modern house fusion that seduces listeners, encouraging bad behaviour and creating an atmosphere of excitement and impropriety. The track utilises a broken beat rhythm to offset a driving four-to-the-floor kick pattern, resulting in a unique fusion capabable of injecting high energy vibes and attitude, to keep the gym pumping and the dancefloor rocking. So scream "put it on me" and let's make it hot, whether you're working out or busting shapes in the club, these fiery sounds will make you break a sweat and are perfect lifting the mood and getting loose. 


The Baddest (CHiLL PiLL Edit) is a deeper and more introspective edit that allows the breaks to take over control. With a new melodic marimba element that brings with it an extra layer of depth and glowing warmth. Embracing more chilled-out vibes, but retaining those up-beat dance tendencies. Call it a sequal for when the party is winding down, you're filled with euphoria and want to savour every moment, but you need a re-up on dopamine to ease yourself back into the realities of normality. This record is the dose you need to end the night on high.

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