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Aleesha Dibbs
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Paradise Lost EP


Battalion is a haunting and defiant alt-pop record with dense atmospheres and a cinematic style that paint's a powerful picture of conflict, bravery and antipathy. Armed with distorted guitars, ultra wide synth basses and evoking lyracism. Battalion transports you to a dense soundscape of rich vocal delays and immersive sound effects that add epic levels of intensity to this unstoppable and relentless march into oblivion. Embodying the unpredictability of conflict and agression with moments of reflection and resolve.


An intruiging and eclectic alt-pop song that delineates a process of self-actualisation. Challenging the innumerable, seductive, and feel-good narratives volleyed at us from every direction, which contradict our lived experience. Distance features thought-provoking and vivid lyrics that scream defiance and subversion, as the protagonist seeks to reclaim control and cut ties with negativity and instead reconnect with the natural self.

Conjured You Up

The weight of expectation, stark realisation and defiance. Conjured You

is an alternative and lucid pop record. Dense with atmosphere and spacious melodies, conjured up in the dark realms of the human mind, manifested through delicately intertwined melodies that absorb and warm. Touching on the abstract, whilst exploring the deepest depths of imagination, overcoming vulnerability and breaking free of manipulation.

Comin' For Me Now

The final track from Aleesha Dibbs' Paradise Lost EP is this rare and heavy jewel, entitled Comin' For Me Now. A spellbinding and conceptual blend of alternative pop and indie electronic music that captures imagination through its suspenseful and abstract tones. Soft and cinematic soundscapes, weaved together with arpeggiated melodies, episodic synth leads and colourful guitar motifs, possessing a soul-stirring capacity with the weight and power to activate deep within your subconcious. 

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