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Love Songs About No One EP

Love Songs About No One is the debut EP, by the artist and producer Missedcalls. This extended project of 4 tracks delivers a true, honest, and captivating selection of love stories, inspired by true experiences of young romance. 

Feelin' 4 You

Deep, dark and emotive. Feelin' 4 You is inspired by the intense emotions synonymous with new romance. Driven by a rhythmic electronic bassline and four-to-the-floor kick pattern that enforces a dancey feel. Topped with a silky vocal topline and lyrics that speak of having feelings for someone or something. Augmented by crunchy, disorted guitar riffs that create an interesting fusion between ultra modern and future classic.

She's Not Loving You

A futuristic alt-pop record with a colorful electronic marimba melody, smooth vocal tones and characterful sfx. She's Not Loving You features an interesting juxtaposition between the somber story of heartbreak, told in 3rd person, and an almost cheerful, optimistic and upbeat instrumental. This interesting and weird blend of feels will no doubt get your head moving though, with a chest-rattling bassline that's almost as deep as the lyrics which ride upon it.

I'm Good

I'm Good is a chilled and confident appreciation of self-worth. With a reference to alternative R&B, this alt-pop track serves as encouragement to love and value yourself a little more, put yourself first, enforce high standards and direct energy into your own self growth. Manifesting itself through colourful synth chords, airy atmospheres and deep vocal samples, beneith a silky trap beat.


Embark on a mesmerizing journey with Missedcalls' track Promises. Slowly building with an ambient sonic landscape and heartfelt lyrics that are detailed and gripping. Subtly reinforced my an ethereak marimba and open, spacey textures, transporting listeners to distant realms of introspection. The futuristic vocal effects add an intriguing layer of innovation, while polished production gives a hint of retrograde. A Fusion of past and future, beautifully crafted for the present.

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