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Bella Foe
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Here So Warm EP

Here So Warm

Drenched in summer feels and positive vibes, Bella Foe's debut single Here So Warm features the iconic Ladysmith Black Mambazo with some enchanting and enriched vocals. Instrumentally characterised by a fusion of organic, percussive marimba plucks, warm piano chords and sequenced synth bass that adds subtlety, depth and rhythm. Oozing warmth as the title suggests, Here So Warm's cheerful, feel-good nature is the perfect mood booster.


An enchanting melodic house gem that sets the perfect backdrop for pretty much any idyllic setting you can think of. Imagine beach sunsets, a gorgeous tarrace view or endless mountain landscapes. Decorated with arpeggiated synth bells, angelic vocal samples and ethereal, dreamlike atmosphere. Combined with an essence of tranquility.

Alan 2.2i

Expertly blending elements of melodic and progressive house, Bella Foe's Alan2.2i is a eurphoric and mesmerizing groove that will lock you in to its blissful embrace. Delicate spoken word vocals add a touch of intimacy and uplifting spirit, filling your body with a sense of happiness and optimism. Alan 2.2i is a testament to the power of music to evoke deep emotions and connect people on a profound level. Its timeless sound and emotionally resonant melodies create a wonderful sonic experience that is both powerful and motivating.

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