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Cat Rose
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fresh start ep

fresh start ep is a fresh start for Cat Rose in 2023 as she aims to reinvent herself and further push the boundaries that define her sound. Featuring 3 varied tracks that span from hard hitting trap, delicate electronica and floor-filler house, with inspirations across r&b, alt-pop and the dance music spectrum. 

the one

Indulge in the mesmerizing soundscape of Cat Rose's latest release, "the one." This ethereal and alternative electronic track defies conventions with its edgy and expressive creativity. The atmospheric textures create an immersive experience, swirling with luscious synthesis, intertwined with pulsating 808s that add depth and emotion. A short, sweet and unique musical experience.


An enchanting sonic tapestry that will transport you to a realm of musical bliss. With its electronic allure and soft, warming tones, this Alt-Pop gem creates a sense of homecoming and invites you to return to a place of comfort. Cat Rose's expressive and delicate vocals weave seamlessly into the intricate fabric of the song, painting a vivid picture of a safe haven. With a slow and gentle rhythm that guides you through a relaxing and developing soundscape. Home2U is a musical sanctuary, a reminder that no matter where you are, there's always a home waiting for you. So let the comforting melodies take you back to the familiar, a place where you truly belong.

afraid of the noise

afraid of the noise is an up-tempo track with dance infused chord stabs and hard-hitting beats that set the stage for an exhilarating ride through larger-than-life soundscapes. Adorned with stuttering vocal cuts and dreamy breakdowns.  Spilling into an intense build that culminates in a climax of growing magnitude. So brace, brace for an exhilarating sonic rollercoaster, frantically pulling you between  emotions of fear, uncertainty and vulnerability. 

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