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Mind The Moon
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Borderlines EP

Losing You

Losing You is a beautifully designed song with soft, acoustic folk undertones and warm, heartfelt vocals. Gracefully interweaved upon a dynamic piano performance, delicately fluttering strings and gentle, muted drum beat that adds depth and detail. Naturally lightened by open atmospheres and a dreamy soundscape that builds throughout, adding modernity and creating room for reflection.

Hear Me Out

The exceptional production of Hear Me Out encases a vintage feel, enveloping the listener in a warm ambiance of gorgeous indie folk. Embodied by a tender vocal and natural instrumentation that create an atmosphere of openness and free-flowing emotions, allowing for moments of reflection and self-discovery. Carrying a sense of hopefulness, even in the midst of regret and the act of letting someone down. 


Overflow is a serene indie-folk track with softly intertwined melodies and emotions, inviting you to free your mind. Supplimented by subtle string plucks that grow into winding motifs which add character and energy as the track progresses. Adorned with a bright, flowing temperament an up-beat and organic rhythm. Like the first rays of early morning light washing over you, overflowing with positivity and optimism.

Let This Go

Let This Go offers a sweet release for the soul. Built upon a foundation of piano chords that provide a grounding sense of emotive progression as the scene is set for a journey towards meaningful growth. Ethereal textures gracefully weave throughout the music adding cinematic airspace, creating room for personal growth and development as the track breaks down and then builds into an epic crescendo of natural power and strengh. Empowering you to let go of inhibitions and simply start again.

One Of Us

A incredibly raw and emotional piece that strips back artistry to just it's core components. Providing a refreshing contrast to other more developed tracks in this project. One Of Us represents beauty in it's most natural form. Without adjustments, artificial processing or manipulation. Captured and to be enjoyed in it's original form, One Of Us is a rare and magical moment of total honesty and exposed pulchritude.

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